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CAREERS – Organic Growth

As a forward thinking company we are always on the lookout for natural talent that can be developed to strengthen our existing team of highly successful consultants as we understand expansion is key to the future of our business at Kingbest Capital Holdings.

Our overall stance is one of organic growth and adopt the philosophy that the strength of our business is built on passion, integrity and the desire to provide the best level of service we possibly can. We therefore look for candidates that share our ethos and values and develop those individuals to form part of the core of the business, giving them ownership of their respective activities so they can grow with the company and share in the credit for our success as a business.

Kingbest Capital Holdings believe that the future success of our business is dependent on expansion and growth of our team and the relationship our team members have or develop with our clients. Our policy of organic growth is to reward those that excel and earn recognition as they develop. This ensures long-term commitment from both parties and creates greater stability, satisfaction, contentment and performance within the business.

We look primarily for the qualities of the individual’s character, rather than a track record within the industry or experience of a specialist area. We believe one can be taught any business skill, given the right guidance, tools and time, it’s simply a question of how well someone can apply themselves to learning new communication and client relationship skills.

At Kingbest Capital Holdings we believe an individual’s outlook as to how business should be conducted will usually determine their levels of performance and success regardless of the task in-hand. We therefore look at their ability and commitment to overcome obstacles and go the extra mile to make the difference.

Our key objective is to select the right candidate as a new member of our team, so not to dilute, but enhance our business performance. We look for those that can demonstrate a passion for what they do and the way they react to success and failure. Attitude and approach towards tasks and criticism and the vision to see the bigger picture is paramount. We look for what someone can contribute, how they value themselves and the rapport and working relationships they are likely to develop with other team members.

We believe to succeed in any business, you need to be strong with the will to succeed and a passion to make everyday a fresh chance to prove you are the best you can be, if you believe you can add another dimension that will make us stronger and drive Kingbest Capital Holdings forward, call us today and arrange a telephone interview.

If you believe you have the drive, energy and passion for a career in sales and wish to join an exciting, motivated and highly successful team of consultants, where you will be pushed on a daily basis to develop your sales and business skills then please contact us.

In the first instance you should email us with your name and contact details so we can arrange a telephone conversation with one of our management team.
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